INFO About Our Cavanese Puppies!!!

They make great companions for children and have the advantage of learning quickly thus being able to successfully become therapy canines.  Potty training is always easy and consistently followed unless they change environments,  and then just a quick lesson and some patience and they are back on track. The Cavanese shed like their Havanese parents/grandparents.  One can choose to keep their long silky hair by brushing often or can opt for a nice ‘puppy cut’ as we keep ours and is shown in the pictures.  If I could use one word that would describe the Cavanese, I would choose obedient.  Once they learn what you desire from them and learn how to interpret your requests, they are there!  It really upsets them if they get confused in the request as it is solely their heart’s desire to please. Cavanese come in a wide range of colors stemming from their Havanese family.   They are known for color changing however as they become adults. Cavanese do not bark often but have been known on occasion to ‘howl’ when left alone.  They will alert , but they are not a choice companion for guarding as they would probably run and hide somewhere after a few barks at an intruder.  In having both these breeds, I can certainly believe these stories by their obedience and higher level of intelligence.  If you still have questions about the Cavanese  or Havanese please feel free to contact us.


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